Tax Administration

Tax Listing Forms

Cabarrus County Tax Administration has four departments.

Tax Collections handles the collection of all property taxes due to Cabarrus County. They also collect all municipal and fire district taxes. Tax Collections accepts payments in office, by mail or through online payments. Payment arrangement options are available to all accounts prior to delinquency.

Land Records handles tracking records of:

  • property ownership transfers
  • land splits
  • parcel mapping

Land Records also accepts applications for real and personal tax exclusions such as:

  • elderly or disabled
  • disabled veterans
  • circuit breaker deferment

Along with accepting applications, Land Records annually reviews property. They review 1/4 of all property receiving an exclusion for compliance. Land Records maintains the county GIS and online mapping system.

Personal Property Assessment handles assuring the listing and valuation of:

  • business personal property
  • individual personal property
  • motor vehicles

Each year in early January, personal property listing forms get mailed. This is done for both individual and business personal property. These forms get sent to property owners that have personal property item(s) listed in the prior year. All personal property is subject to annual listing and must get listed. This must be done in January to avoid a 10% late listing penalty. Personal property assessment also does audit reviews of business and personal listings.

Tax Revaluation handles:

  • real property values
  • present use (farm) values
  • all real property appraisals and assessments for yearly budget purposes

Real estate is currently revalued every four years in Cabarrus County. This process allows Tax Administration to adjust the appraised value of real estate. This is done to reflect the property’s true value in the forever changing real estate market. The most recent revaluation occurred in 2024. Tax Revaluation also accepts applications in January for certain exempt organizations, such as: 

  • educational
  • religious
  • charitable 

An annual review occurs for 1/4 of all property approved for a tax exemption to ensure compliance. For present use (farm) property, applications are accepted in January.