Registered Motor Vehicles

Information on registered motor vehicles is restricted to the verified owner(s), per Federal law, to preserve the privacy and welfare of citizens. Those seeking assistance should be prepared to present their license, bill, and registration. 

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The assessed value of NCDMV Registered Motor vehicles is normally set as follows: 

  • Based on state identified average dealer sales prices.
  • For newly purchased vehicles with new registrations the tax value will be the purchase price of the vehicle, per law.


The situs or tax location is based on the address on file with the NCDMV.  If the address on file is not entered correctly or does not match a valid County 911 address, then the address should be corrected with the NCDMV.  In some situations, the tax situs may need to be corrected by contacting our office.


An owner can apply for a refund of taxes paid when a motor vehicle is sold, registered out of state, or deemed a total loss by insurance (where the taxpayer does not maintain ownership of the vehicle).

The refund will be calculated on any full calendar months remaining in the registration period after the license plate is surrendered to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles.

Within one year of surrendering the license plates, the owner must present the following to the county tax office:

  • Proof of plate surrender to NCDMV (DMV Form FS20)
  • Copy of the Bill of Sale, copy of the new state’s registration, or copy of a letter from an insurance company that the vehicle was a total loss.

Contact the tax office at (704) 920 – 2166 option 2 or email the required documentation, within 1-year of the tag turn in date, to or mail to:

Cabarrus County Tax Assessor
Attn: Registered Motor Vehicles
PO Box 707
Concord, NC 28026