Soil and Water Conservation

Sprout in Fresh Soil Being Watered

The Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation District (CSWCD) encourages conservation. This includes informed and responsible stewardship of the land and its natural resources. Our customized programs assist and educate local:Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation District Logo

  • land owners
  • land users
  • responsible institutions
  • students
  • community groups

CSWCD education teaches sound conservation and land use principles. These principles foster understanding, planning, application and maintenance of environmentally friendly practices.

Landowner Resources

CSWCD can be a valuable resource to landowners. We provide:

  • assistance applying for several agricultural cost-share programs that allocate state funds
  • conservation easement guidance
  • equipment rental and soil testing
  • technical assistance with water drainage issues
  • pond management workshops and weed identification services

Conservation Education

Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation District provides conservation education in the following ways:

  • environmental education programs for all ages
  • community science events
  • professional development for educators
  • annual student contests and Envirothon competition

For more details about all our free services visit CSWCD Educational Resources.

Contact us for more information at 704-920-3331.