Intensive Family Preservation Services

This unit consists of Home Based Services and Family Preservation.

Home-Based Services

Home-Based Services works with families of children between the ages of 10 and 17. These children are generally deemed delinquent and/or undisciplined. The primary goal is to provide youth with necessary life skills. These skills help limit the child's involvement with the court system.

Home Based Services are a free, voluntary counseling service provided in the home. Home Based counselors are easily accessible. These counselors provide 24/7 support to the families they serve.

The Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention makes referrals. The social worker who may be working with the family can also make referrals.

Family Preservation

Family Preservation is a service that prevents unnecessary placement of children. The goal and focus is to work with the family to gain a level of restoration and acceptable functioning. The intent of the program is to help the family with stabilizing crisis situations. These situations could ultimately place the family at imminent risk.

Family Preservation social workers help build stronger relationships. These relationships prevent any further escalation of abuse or neglect. Social workers help families cope with problems and issues in an effective manner.

Social workers at Human Services complete referrals to the Intensive Family Preservation Supervisor.

Due to the high volume of cases and the program’s success rate, there is usually a waiting list.


Prevention is a voluntary program offered to families that focuses on family well-being. The program allows parents to lead in deciding what success looks like to them. We strive to enhance protective factors that reduce risk and safety issues. If family needs continue to go unaddressed, Child Welfare involvement becomes mandatory. The prevention team aspires to help families overcome their poverty. We want families to remain successful when our services are no longer needed. To find out how the Prevention team can help you, call 704-920-1520.