Child Protection and Fatality Team

The Child Protection and Fatality Team is a group of professionals. These professionals serve children and work collectively to:

  • Examine local systems pertaining to the health, safety and welfare of children
  • Share information about community resources for children
  • Identify community service gap areas and ask for help satisfying those gaps
  • Review every child fatality in Cabarrus to determine if the death was preventable. If preventable, what steps can we take as a community to ensure it never happens again?

Ways To Help Protect Children

If you know of a child actively abused or observe domestic violence, call 911. If the possibility of abuse concerns you, even if you aren’t sure, contact Human Services.

You can report anonymously. If you do provide your name and contact information, it will remain confidential. You may request a follow up letter informing you of whether a case was opened or closed.