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Cabarrus County strives to provide a positive work environment. An environment where employee contributions to our residents are valued and recognized.  When you work for Cabarrus County, you're taking on more than a job. You're helping to change the shape of our community.  Are your values aligned with ours; are you looking for a great place to work? Take the first step and see what jobs are available for your skill set. Check back often, as job postings are updated regularly. We welcome your interest in employment with Cabarrus County.

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Cabarrus County is a leader in local, regional, state and national programs. Our departments use innovation to develop and administer programs. This innovation is often initiated by suggestions from frontline workers. Our employees go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. Staff are guided by core values set by the Board of Commissioners:

  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Respect

To recruit the best employees, we offer competitive benefits, including:

  • NC Retirement Plan Contribution
  • Employee Health Clinic (also serves dependents on our health plan)
  • Competitive Medical and Dental Plan Rates
  • Accrued Sick and Personal Leave
  • Continuing Education and Training Opportunities
  • Health and Wellness Facilities/Programs
  • Volunteer Service Leave

Cabarrus County conducts pre-employment drug and background screening for all positions.

For questions related to the employment process or any posted positions:

Contact Human Resources at 704-920-2200

Mission, Vision and Goals

Cabarrus County Mission Statement

Through visionary leadership and good stewardship, we will:

  • ensure public safety
  • administer state requirements
  • determine county needs
  • provide services to continually enhance quality of life


Our vision for Cabarrus is a county where our:

  • children learn
  • citizens participate
  • dreams matter
  • families and neighbors thrive
  • community prospers


  • ‍Goal 1

Preserve and enhance the quality of life by addressing growth. Addressing this growth with sound public policies that:

  • sustain resources
  • provide high quality services
  • fund infrastructure needs
  • Goal 2

Achieve community-wide preparedness to:

  • protect public safety
  • respond to routine and catastrophic events
  • maintain and restore the well-being of all residents
  • Goal 3

Use resources wisely and responsibly by:

  • protecting assets
  • minimizing risk
  • creating partnerships
  • using technology to maximize the value of county investments, expenditures, and services
  • Goal 4

A fully engaged community with a shared understanding of its issues and challenges. A community working together to achieve its goals.

  • Goal 5

Ensure that all citizens have equal opportunity and access to:

  • education
  • health care
  • economic prosperity

Encourage citizens to fulfill their potential and contribute to their community.

Employee Involvement

County employees are making a difference both in the workplace and in the community. Employees have an opportunity to volunteer through the following committees:

Ch3 - Cabarrus Helping Hearts and Hands

Cabarrus Helping Hearts and Hands Logo Employees have banded together to give back to the community. Employees give back:

  • with an annual fund drive
  • through on-going community fundraisers and events

Cabarrus Helping Hearts and Hands (Ch3) is a workplace giving program. This program is operated and supported by Cabarrus County employees.

Formed in 2004, the mission of Ch3 is to “lend a hand” to communities. Ch3 accomplishes this through staff donations to local employee-selected charitable organizations. Staff can also donate to help Cabarrus employees and retirees in crisis. Cabarrus County covers all administrative costs. One hundred percent of donations support the Ch3 mission.

Employee Appreciation

Our employees are our most important asset. This effort recognizes employee contributions and service to Cabarrus County.


Sustainability is not a goal, it’s a way of life for Cabarrus County. Employees discover new ways to:

  • reduce
  • reuse
  • recycle

They share this knowledge with co-workers for work and home use.


Like to play it safe? Preparation and knowledge are keys to safety and accident prevention at work and at home. Department representatives share their best practices. They learn from other areas about safety topic, such as:

  • personal safety
  • equipment
  • motor vehicles
  • emergency procedures

Wellness for Life a Cabarrus County Program Wellness

If wellness is your passion, put your talents to work in helping co-workers. Help others achieve healthier lifestyles through fitness, nutrition and information sharing opportunities.