Equal Opportunity and Pre-Employment

As a part of the employment process, selected applicants must complete pre-employment screenings. Two of these screenings are a:
  • drug screen
  • background check
Background checks may include:
  • credit
  • criminal
  • driving
  • education
  • other records pertinent to the position applied for
Cabarrus County conducts employee orientations every other Monday. We chose this cycle because it coincides with the start of a new pay cycle.
The Cabarrus County Employee Health Clinic (EHC) conducts pre-employment drug screens. The EHC will also conduct position-specific physical examination and testing. Successful candidates will have an appointment scheduled during office hours.

Equal Opportunity Employment (EOE)

It is the policy of Cabarrus County to:

  • maintain a systematic, consistent recruitment program
  • promote equal opportunity employment (EOE)
  • identify and attract the most qualified applicants for all vacancies

The County achieves this through:

  • consistency in announcing positions
  • evaluating all applicants by the same criteria
  • applying uniform testing methods

Cabarrus select employees on the basis of applicant qualifications and without regard to:

  • age
  • color
  • disability
  • genetic information
  • national origin
  • political affiliation
  • race
  • religion
  • sex

An exception occurs when age, sex or physical requirements are necessary for the job. These requirements must constitute a bona fide occupational qualification necessary for job performance. 

Applicants with disabilities are given equal consideration with other applicants. Consideration is for positions in which their disabilities do not represent an obstacle. These obstacles must represent an unreasonable barrier to satisfactory performance of duties.