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The Youth Commission
Getting involved in the community

The Youth Commission serves to provide teens in the community an opportunity to be active citizens. The commission exposes teens to County government, allowing opportunities to discuss issues and interact with County Commissioners and employees through youth-adult partnerships.

The Youth Commission holds regular business meetings on the third Monday of each month at the Cabarrus County Governmental Center and explore local governmental departments during travel meetings held on the first Monday of each month.

The commission consists of 20 members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. Membership includes representatives from the following schools: A.L. Brown High School; Central Cabarrus High School; Concord High School; Cox Mill High School; Hickory Ridge High School; Jay M. Robinson High School; Mount Pleasant High School; Northwest Cabarrus High School; At-large/Cabarrus Kannapolis Early College and At-large/Covenant Classical School.

Appointments are for two-year terms.

Current Youth Commission members include:
Current Youth Commission members

Mariah-Sydney Steele, grade 11, Northwest Cabarrus High School. Mariah ran track for 11 years and serves as the Commission secretary. "I joined the Youth Commission because I wanted to help give a voice to the people in our community."

Jasmine Lewter, grade 12, A.L. Brown High School. Jasmine is the Commission historian, and she enjoys writing and reading books. "I joined the Youth Commission because I wanted to have a bigger voice in the community and take a step closer to making a difference."

Billy Burris, grade 10, A.L. Brown High School. Billy is on the snare line at A.L. Brown. "I joined the Youth County Commission because I am interested in local government and it was a new experience for me."

Stephen Anderson, grade 11, Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College. Stephen is a member of three varying honor societies. "I joined the Youth County Commission to learn more about local government and improve my leadership skills."

Lauren Martin, grade 12, Hickory Ridge High School. Lauren enjoys planning events, especially fundraisers, and serves as the Commission vice-president. "I joined the Youth County Commission because I was interested in learning more about local government."

Devin Mullins, grade 12, Concord High School. Devin plans to go to law school and become a bankruptcy and tax attorney. He serves as the Commission parliamentarian. "I joined the Youth County Commission because I have always been interested in local government, which has manifested into a deep desire to research, learn more and contribute."

Thomas Walter, grade 10, Concord High School. Thomas' dad is an elected official. "I joined the Youth County Commission because I felt like it would be a great opportunity to discover what local government actually is."

Noopur Parikh, grade 12, Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College. Noopur has spent 12 years as a traditional Indian dancer and serves as the Commission president. "This is my 3rd year on the Youth Commission and I joined because I wanted to make a change, and I wanted to give the youth community a voice."

Jack Lambert, grade 11, Central Cabarrus High School. Jack thoroughly enjoys being a youth representative. "I joined the Youth Commission to be a voice for the youth community."

Avery Calkins, grade 11, Hickory Ridge High School. Avery enjoys photography and has played lacrosse for five years. "I joined the Youth Commission because I wanted to be more involved in the community."

MacKay T. Burke, grade 12, Mt. Pleasant High School. MacKay enjoys public speaking. "I joined the Youth Commission because I want to attend college and make connections for a future job."


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