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​The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners makes appointments to a number of boards, committees, commissions and authorities. All citizens of Cabarrus County are encouraged to volunteer to serve on these boards/committees by completing an appointment application.

Appointment Application


Please see below for a list of relevant applications and support documents



Board and committee appointment applications are accepted throughout the year.

  • Active Living and Parks Commission - 1 Expired Term
  • Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee - 9 Vacant Positions
  • Cabarrus County Animal Protection Advisory Board - 3 Positions Expiring Soon
  • Cabarrus County Planning and Zoning Commission - 4 Positions Expiring Soon (Concord, Midland, At-large and Alternate)
  • Concord Planning and Zoning Commission (ETJ) - 1 Vacant Position
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council - 4 Vacant Positions (Substance Abuse Professional, Student Under 18, and 2 At-large) and 3 Terms Expiring Soon
  • Library Board of Trustees - 2 Terms Expiring Soon
  • Mount Pleasant Planning Board and Board of Adjustment - 1 Vacant Position (Alternate)
  • Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee - 7 Vacant Positions
  • Public Health Authority of Cabarrus County - 3 Terms Expiring Soon
  • Region F Aging Advisory Committee - 2 Terms Expiring Soon
  • Tourism Authority of Cabarrus County - 4 Terms Expiring Soon
  • Transportation Advisory Board - 2 Vacant Positions (Clergy and Midland) and 9 Positions Expiring Soon
  • Youth Commission - 7 Vacant Positions (Cox Mill, Jay M. Robinson, Mount Pleasant, Northwest Cabarrus, and At-large High Schools)

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