Digital Plan Room

Cabarrus County is pleased to offer electronic plan submission and review through the Digital Plan Room. This online application is integrated with the Accela Citizen Access portal which allows 24/7 access to submissions. This product will allow for digital signature validation when customers upload digital plans and will provide an easier way for customers to respond to identified issues from plan reviews.
Key Features:
  • Easily submit plans, specifications, and other supporting documents electronically using drag and drop functionality
  • Automated sheet versioning utilized for processing and attaching plan pages to previously submitted versions
  • Access mark-ups and view comments or conditions documented by each reviewer
  • Quickly identify the status of the current review cycle
  • Final stamped PDF plan sets available for download

Permit Types:

  • Plan Review – Building (PRB)
  • Plan Review – Site (PRS)

Online Training

General Document Standards

There are a few document standards that we recommend for best uploading performance. Please follow these guidelines in your document design to ensure correct processing in the Digital Plan Room.


  • All files must be in PDF file format other than boundary and topo surveys must be dwg
  • Maximum file size is 100MB
  • Do not use encrypted or password-protected files
  • Please do not combine any supporting documents in the same PDF file with any plan sheets
  • Supporting documents will need to be uploaded as separate files


  • When submitting revisions, please do not resubmit the entire plan set. Please only upload the sheets containing changes from the previous submission
  • Plans should be set to landscape view, oriented so that North is always at the top of the monitor, with the title block located in the lower right hand corner
    • Ensure that all pages are in order and rotated properly for viewing on-screen
  • Whenever possible, it is important to include a table of contents when exporting/publishing to the PDF (ex. Include "Create bookmarks" setting in AutoCAD or Revit)
    • Include sheet titles within table of contents when possible
  • Multiple files including plans may be uploaded at the same time
    • Ensure sheet numbers are unique across all plans submitted

Supporting Documents:

  • You can submit supporting documents as individual files or as a single file with multiple pages
  • Document files may be oriented in landscape or portrait view

Submitting Plans and Documents

Review Comments – Issues and Conditions

Issues: Issues are items that will need to be addressed and fixed prior to plan approval. Once created, each open issue will require a brief response in the Plan Room prior to a new review cycle being available to submit revisions.

Conditions: Conditions are items that may require action by the customer but do not need to be addressed prior to the plan approval. Unlike issues, conditions do not require a response in the Plan Room. However, while the project is being inspected, conditions will need to be met before final approval can be granted.

Submitting Revisions

Submitting revisions has never been easier! Through the Digital Plan Room, you only need to submit sheets containing revisions, not the entire plan package. At the end of the plan review process, the Digital Plan Room will automatically combine all approved versions of each sheet into one final, stamped PDF plan set.

Downloading Final Print Sets

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my plans taking so long to process during the upload process?

  • File processing speed will vary depending on the file size and number of sheets. It is okay to navigate to other items while the plans are being processed. You will receive an email with a link when the file processing is complete.

What is an issue versus a condition?

  • Issues are code-related concerns that must be corrected by correcting the appropriate drawings.
  • Conditions are concerns that can be corrected in the field by the inspection staff and are similar to drawings.

What do I need to submit when I am uploading revised plans?

  • When submitting revised plans, provide written responses to each issue on the record and upload only the corrected sheets. Corrected sheets must still have third party verified digital signatures in order to upload the corrections. It is no longer necessary to resubmit the entire plan set.

Can I make mid-cycle changes and upload new plans?

  • The plan review cycle must be completed before new plans can be uploaded. Mid-cycle uploads are not permitted. At the conclusion of the plan review cycle, you will receive a notification that the plan review cycle is complete.

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