VA Healthcare

The Veterans Health Administration is America’s largest integrated health care system. They provide care at 1,245 health care facilities. This includes 170 medical centers and 1,065 outpatient care sites. These outpatient care sites are of varying complexity (VHA outpatient clinics). They serve 9 million enrolled veterans each year.

Application Requirements

  • Proof of discharge papers such as DD 214
  • Any additional health insurance information, including coverage through a spouse or domestic partner
  • Wage and financial information. This includes previous calendar-year gross income for the veteran, spouse and dependent children.

Vet Centers

Vet Centers provide community-based counseling, outreach and referral services. These services are available to eligible veterans who served in any combat zone. Family members are eligible when their participation supports the veteran or service member. Services include counseling for:

  • transitioning and readjustment
  • military sexual trauma
  • issues related to marriage, family and bereavement

Vet Centers also provide referrals for:

  • VA mental health care
  • employment
  • education
  • other services and benefits