Reclaim Your Pet

How To Reclaim Your Pet

To reclaim an animal in the custody of Cabarrus County Animal Control you must provide:

  • A valid ID
  • Payment for all fines and fees
  • ‍Proof of rabies vaccination
  • Payment for all fines and fees. Acceptable payment methods include: cash, credit card and local personal checks.

Dog Fines And Fees

Fines for violation of the leash law in section 10-6 of the Animal Control Ordinances are:

  • ‍1st offense - $50
  • 2nd offense - $150
  • 3rd offense - $250

Cat Fines And Fees

There is no leash law on cats, so there is no fine. However, you must pay boarding and vaccination fees.

Boarding Fee And Vaccination Fees

Boarding Fee

  • $10 per day per animal


Intake protocol dictates vaccines get administered to each animal coming to the shelter. They get vaccinated as soon as they arrive. The only exception is feral or fractious animals that cannot be handled safely. We have no way of knowing whether an animal will be with us for two hours or two weeks or more. Each animal will get vaccinated for their own and every other animal's protection. Be prepared to cover this cost.

  • $20 for dogs to include Rabies, DAPP, and Bordetella
  • $15 for cats to include Rabies and FVRCP