K-9 Unit

Law enforcement K-9 units are an integral part of response. The Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit helps:

  • find explosives
  • track missing persons
  • apprehend suspects
  • locate evidence

These units create safer environments. They bring unique skills to critical situations. Different types of police dogs are used depending upon the circumstances.

K-9 Explosives Detection

Explosive Detection K-9 teams allow patrol officers to work safer and more efficiently. They perform functions human officers cannot do, like explosive searches in bomb threats.

For example, officers searching a building without the benefit of a K-9 team will:

  • take much longer to perform the search
  • be exposed to greater risk

Search and Rescue K-9's

Search and rescue K-9 teams:

  • track and find missing persons
  • capture dangerous suspects
  • remove significant amounts of illegal drugs and weapons from the community