Tax Revaluation

House Sitting on Top of a Pile of Money

Real Property values or Tax values are based on many details from a specific parcel. 

  1. Land Value. The land value contributes to the overall real property or tax value. Its location, size and zoning along with other factors are used to determine the value of the land.
  2. Building Value. What type of building is located on a property? Residential or Commercial? Various factors determine a building's tax value. Examples include: age of a building and overall physical characteristics.
  3. Other Improvements or Extra Features. Things that can add value to a parcel are out-buildings or extra features; like:
    • garages
    • sheds or storage buildings
    • pools
    • fences
    • driveways
    Real Estate search allows you to review the details of a specific parcel and obtain its tax value.