Plan Review

Plan Review

Plan review is for:

  • all new primary residences
  • all new and renovations for commercial projects.

Step 1.Go to the website and log into your account

Step 2.Select Planning\Plan Review

  • "Start Plan Review" to start the process
  • General Disclaimer - place a check in the box, “I have read and accepted the terms”, Continue
  • Enter work location in the From Box. Type the street numbers, skip the To Box. In Street Number type only the first three letters of the street name. Do not add SW, NE, S, E, etc. or St, Drive, Blvd, etc.

    Example: 65 Church St. will be entered as 65 CHU

    If the street name is Highway, use NC HWY 49 or US HWY 601. Is the street name a Letter (B Street) or Number (13th St)? Try entering just the letter or number in the Street Box. These are the most difficult to pull up. Call our office, 704-920-2128, if you need help.

  • Select Search
  • Select the correct address
  • Options will come up underneath for:

    • Cabarrus
    • Plans Review
    • Residential Trade
    • Commercial Trade
    • Board Items/Plats
    • Other
  • Select Plans Review and put a checkmark in the box next to Plan Review – Building.
  • If you are uploading Site plans select Plan Review – Site
    Building Reviews and Site Reviews must be submitted separately

  • Continue Application

Next screen is information on the address you selected, Continue Application

  • From the drop down, select as Additional Contact. Whoever is listed on the contacts page will be able to:

    • add documents
    • view the plan review status
    • pay fees
    • answer issues from reviewers
    • print approved plans, etc.

    Continue Application

Step 3.Project information

Project Type

  • Occupancy Rule of Thumb. If you cannot occupy what you are submitting, select “NA”
  • Review Type. Choose what type of review is being submitted. If this is for Fire Sprinklers, choose Fire Equipment and NOT Commercial New or Upfit. The same goes for Sign projects, choose Sign as the review type.
  • Multi-Family. Select "No" unless this review is for a triplex or larger.
  • Total Square Footage. On new builds, commercial or residence, list heated and unheated square footage. On an upfit, addition, renovation, etc. list only the square footage of that area.
  • Read and answer the question.
  • Project Cost Estimate. Include total cost of the project including all trades, materials, etc.

Detail Information

  • Application Name should be a name that distinguishes the project from other projects.

General Description

  • Detailed Description Examples. New Residence-Lot #, 2,500 sq. ft. Commercial Upfit-List Scope of Work, etc.
  • Continue Application

Documents > Plans and Documents

  • Plan Room Acknowledgement. Read and check the box. Continue Application


  • Next screen is to check anything chosen or filled in so far. Continue Application.
  • Plan Review – Building
    • Your Record Number is PRB20**-*****
    • Note this number, you will need it to check the status of your application or to schedule/check results of the review
    • Upload Plans and Documents. You will need the plans in PDF format. Complete applications for applicable documents:
    • Continue Application, you are NOT finished.
      • building and trade permits
      • lien (for projects $30,000 or more)
      • zoning

      • If you need any of these documents, email Construction Standards. We will provide any document needed.

Digital Plan Room

  • If the resume button is still visible, you have not finished the review step. Follow the instructions to complete.

Step 4.Information


  • Review Plan Cycle #1. Add brief description. Continue.

Step 5.Add and Process Files

Do not combine plans and documents of various types into a single PDF

  • Add all documents for the plan review in the Add and Process Files Box. Make sure your documents are in the upright position, reading left to right.
  • Select the correct label for the document type. Optional: Add a brief description.
  • When finished uploading, select Upload and Validate. This step checks for corrupt or locked files and makes sure all documents are all in PDF format.
  • Files you uploaded will show in the Upload and Validate section as validated if they are good files. Once they are all validated, Process Files. A box will pop up on the screen letting you know the files are being processed. This can take a few minutes.
  • Once the files are processed, Continue. You are not finished.

Step 6.Sheet Versioning

  • Make sure your plans are in the upright position, and each page has a different label.
  • Continue. You are not finished.

Step 7.Review

  • At this point:
    • make needed changes
    • upload remaining documents
    • make sure everything is ready to submit

    Once you click Finish, your review cycle begins. Additional documents cannot be uploaded until after the review cycle finishes.

  • Finish

Success! You are now finished.

Once you have submitted your plans:

  • it may take 5-7 business days, depending on zoning, for residential reviews
  • it may take 3-5 weeks, depending on zoning, for commercial reviews

You can check the status of your plan review anytime. Log into your account on Citizen Access and look at PRB.