Precinct Official FAQs

What do Precinct Officials do?

As a Precinct Official, you will work at one of Cabarrus County's 39 polling places. Precinct Officials:

  • set up supplies and voting equipment
  • assist voters
  • verify their registration
  • issue ballots
  • manage crowds

Precinct Officials get assigned to positions based on their strengths, interests, and experience.

Precinct Official Assignments(PDF, 505KB)

Will I receive training?

Yes! All Precinct Officials are required by law to attend training prior to each election. You will attend classes based on your job assignment and level of experience.

How much will I get paid?

Precinct Officials get paid a flat rate. This rate covers attending training and working on Election Day. Compensation varies with your job assignment. It can also vary with the number of classes you must attend. Precinct Officials earn $200 - $275 per election.

What are the qualifications to become a Precinct Official?

  • Must be a Cabarrus County registered voter (or become registered if eligible).
  • Must not be a candidate or relative of a candidate in the election.
  • Must not:
    • be an elected government official
    • hold office with a political party
    • be a manager or treasurer for a candidate or political party
  • Must not serve at the same polling place as a spouse, child, spouse of a child, sister or brother.

What are the requirements of Precinct Officials?

  • Must have reliable transportation to and from the polling place.
  • Must work all day on Election Day (5:45 a.m. to approximately 9 p.m.).
  • Must assist with the setup of election supplies and voting equipment. This occurs the Monday evening before Election Day.
  • Must not promote or discuss any of these things while working on Election Day:
    • candidate
    • political party
    • policy
    • cause
  • Must attend all required training classes before each election.
  • Must work on Election Day to receive payment for attending training.

What can I wear on Election Day?

  • Comfortable clothing and dress in layers to account for varying temperatures.
  • Leave your campaign shirts, hats, buttons, jewelry, etcetera at home