Public Participation Policy

Published on May 15, 2022

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We love when our residents participate in Government. One way to do that is through public comments! Any resident can speak for up to three minutes as part of our regular meetings. You can also participate with three minutes of comment related to public hearing topics.

The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners adopted a Public Participation Policy to facilitate participation and establish a mutual understanding of expectations.

Under the policy, the Board welcomes all viewpoints. However, speakers should follow some basic guidelines that include:

  1. Speakers must be respectful and observe proper decorum in their statements by refraining from vulgarity, obscenities, profanity, and speaking in a tone or manner that threatens disruption or other breaches of respect.
  2. Speakers may not personally attack Board members, County employees or members of the public. Speakers are free to discuss substantive concerns of public interest regarding a public official’s conduct or qualifications, but irrelevant insults and attacks are not allowed.
  3. Speakers may not disclose personally identifiable information about minors, such as names, birthdays, addresses or pictures, without permission from the minor’s parent or legal guardian.
  4. Speakers must register with the Clerk by filling out a yellow card before speaking. Speakers usually have up to three minutes.

You can get a full copy of this policy from the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners.


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