Tax Rates

The Collections office collects taxes for all tax jurisdictions located within the County. This includes the county, seven cities or towns and 16 fire districts.

The tax rates for each district is set as part of the budget process and takes place no later than June 30 of each year.

Tax Rates for Fiscal Year July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

Calculations are based on $100 per valuation

Jurisdiction Tax
Cabarrus County  0.74
Town of Harrisburg  0.435
City of Concord  0.48
Concord Downtown  0.23
Town of Mt. Pleasant 0.505
City of Kannapolis 0.63
City of Locust 0.36
Town of Midland 0.22
Town of Huntersville 0.176


Fire Districts Tax
Kannapolis Rural  0.10
Jackson Park 0.14
Cold Water 0.08
Allen  0.11
Midland 0.10
Harrisburg Rural 0.15
Rimer 0.12
Mt. Mitchel 0.10
Odell 0.085
Georgeville 0.092
Flowes Store 0.10
Northeast 0.127
Mt. Pleasant 0.118
Gold Hill 0.09
Richfield 0.07
Concord Rural 0.14


Example Calculation

To calculate the tax on your home, let's assume it has a taxable value of $125,000. Also assume it is located within the City of Kannapolis. The City of Kannapolis ($0.63) and Cabarrus County ($0.74) combined tax rates for 2020 are $1.37. This is assessed per hundred dollars of assessed value.

To calculate the tax, multiply the assessed value by the tax rate and divide by 100. Calculation: $125,000 (assessed value) x 1.37 (tax rate)/100 = $1,712.50