Explore Eligibility Requirements

Human Services has programs to help the community cover the cost of transportation.

Medicaid will cover transportation to:

  • doctor appointments
  • pharmacy visits (for prescription pickups only)

The Work First Family Assistance program will cover transportation to:

  • job searches
  • work for a certain amount of time

There are many other programs available. Contact the main Human Services line for help at 704-920-1400.

Adult and Family Services will assist clients who are over 60 and not receiving Medicaid. The cost of transportation is covered to:

  • doctor appointments
  • pharmacy visits (for prescription pickups only)

Adult and Aging Services also offers the LunchPlus Club program. If you qualify for transportation through Adult and Aging Services, you can find out more by: 

  • calling 704-920-1400 and choosing option 7 at the first menu
  • choosing option 2 at the second menu

The Rural General Purpose (RGP) program is available to those living in the rural areas of the County who:

  • do not qualify for transportation through any of the above programs
  • need transportation within the County to destinations not covered by other programs

Contact the Demand Response Call Center at 704-920-2246 about eligibility through the RGP.