Daycare Assistance

NC uses a variety of federal, state and local funds to provide subsidized child day care. Our goal is to provide this assistance to a large number of eligible families. Child daycare assistance operates in child care arrangements (schools, homes, centers). These arrangements must be approved to receive child care subsidies. Parents choose their child's placement.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for child daycare assistance, families must:

  • Live in Cabarrus County
  • Need daycare due to:
    • employment
    • job training
    • attending school
    • developmental or special needs
  • Be involved with Child Protective Services or Child Welfare Services
  • Meet other specific requirements

Countable and non-countable income determines family assistance for child daycare. All families who are income eligible for child daycare assistance must pay a portion of the cost. Household size and income determine parent fees.

Wait List Information

Social Services does not always have funding to serve all families who apply for daycare. These families get placed on a waiting list until funding becomes available. Children get placed on the waiting list based on:

  • date of application
  • "priority" category under which they are assumed eligible