A library card must be presented at any library in the County to check out materials or use the Internet. A photo ID may be used if the patron’s library card is not present.

Eligibility may be established with the following:

  • a current photo ID
  • other official photo identification with preā€printed name and address
  • if the current address is not on any of the above, then use along with a driver's license or photo identification:
    • checks imprinted with address or
    • official (government, utility or billing company) dated mail with resident’s name

Patron Information, Requests, and Policies


Cabarrus County Public Library Strategic Plan: FY2020-FY2025

View the plan: Cabarrus County Public Library System Strategic Plan(PDF, 842KB) 

In June 2018, the Cabarrus County Public Library received a federally-funded LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) grant to develop a new, community-engaged strategic plan for its libraries by implementing the planning process outlined in the Aspen Institute report, Rising to the


Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, and the accompanying Action Guide.

Library Areas of Focus and Goals

Youth Services

  • Goal 1.1. Preschool children (birth to five years) will be provided with programs and resources to prepare for and encourage a lifetime of learning.
  • Goal 1.2. School-age children (six to twelve years) will have access to programs and resources that spark curiosity and inspire learning.
  • Goal 1.3. The library will enhance the knowledge and skills of caregivers through resources and programs.

Teen Services

  • Goal 2.1. Teens will have access to dedicated spaces that foster positive social interactions and allow for the exploration of materials and resources.
  • Goal 2.2. Teens will have access to engaging programs and opportunities to contribute to the development of teen services.
  • Goal 2.3. Teens will have access to current technologies that encourage creation, collaboration, and exploration.

Adult Services

  • Goal 3.1. Adults will have access to engaging programs that promote lifelong learning.
  • Goal 3.2. Adults will have access to current technologies that enable modern methods of business, education, and recreation.
  • Goal 3.3. Adults will have access to well-developed collections that promote reading for enjoyment and personal growth.

Community Engagement

  • Goal 4.1. The library and organizations in the community will mutually benefit from collaborations and partnerships that create lasting connections and opportunities to serve.
  • Goal 4.2. The public will benefit from an increased awareness of the library’s resources and services.
  • Goal 4.3. The library will promote social equity through increased access to library services for underserved populations.


  • Goal 5.1. Library users will be served by trained and educated staff whose knowledge of current resources has been enhanced in order to meet the needs of the community.
  • Goal 5.2. Library users will benefit from the library having sufficient staff to cover both operating hours and programming needs in order to meet the needs of the community.
  • Goal 5.3. The library will provide adequate facilities to meet public demand and support the future success and continued growth of the community.