Crisis Financial Assistance

Crisis Financial Assistance helps individuals who do not qualify for other emergency programs. They also help those whose needs aren't met through other resources.

Each program has different eligibility requirements. A monetary limit has been set for each system. Assistance cannot come from more than one program. Often there must be other committed funds from the:

  • recipient
  • family
  • friends
  • community agencies

A social worker will assess your situation and review program requirements with you. This will determine if help can be provided. Otherwise, the worker will talk with you about community agencies that may be able assist.

Certain criteria are required to utilize the program

There must be:

  • a documented crisis
  • beyond the individual's control
  • that occurred within the last 30 day
  • that would have caused the person to be unable to fulfill financial obligations. Specifically, the ones for which they are requesting assistance.

The recipient must show next months income is sufficient to maintain ongoing expenses.

Households applying for assistance must provide certain information

  • Social Security cards and dates of birth for all household members
  • Documentation of citizenship
  • Income for the month prior to and month of application. This income must include the applicant and all household members:
    • check stubs
    • wage statements
    • ESC benefits
    • child support
    • bank or retirement fund statements
  • Utility notices
  • Crisis Landlord Statement completed by the landlord
  • Documents/receipts verifying what happened in the last 30 days to cause the crisis

Assistance may be authorized for certain expenditures

  • Utility payments (utility source must be in past due status)
  • Rental payments. Only in incidents of:
    • eviction
    • property condemnation
    • temporary housing situation (becoming homeless or going to a domestic violence shelter, etc.)

Assistance will not be authorized for certain expenditures

  • Deposits
  • Returned check charges
  • Tampering fees