Monitoring Adult Care Homes

Adult care homes are homes providing residential care for aged and disabled adults. These homes are commonly referred to as:

  • rest homes
  • family care homes
  • assisted living

These homes provide around-the-clock or live-in staff that:

  • prepare meals
  • supervise medications
  • provide assistance with:
    • bathing
    • grooming
    • other personal care needs

Nurses are not required in adult care homes. Some adult care homes have nurses and certified nursing assistants on staff. Aides provide assistance with the activities of daily living such as:

  • bathing
  • dressing
  • grooming
  • feeding

Adult care homes are different from nursing homes in the:

  • level of care they provide
  • qualifications of staff

The NC Division of Health Service Regulation licenses adult care homes. Human Services provides an adult home specialist to monitor adult care homes. This assures services get provided to residents as set forth by NC State standards.

The adult protection, guardianship and monitoring unit provides adult home specialists. Their primary purpose is:

  • monitoring
  • investigating complaints
  • providing assistance to adult care homes

Problems identified during routine monitoring of the facility must get remedied. The adult home specialist assures the problem gets corrected.

Adult care home licensing and monitoring services involve assisting the state. This assistance is with the initial licensure process:

  • Technical assistance
  • Routine monitoring
  • Complaint investigation

Adult Day Care/Health Certification And Monitoring

Human Services handles all program certification activities at the local level. Such activities include ensuring that standards get met on an ongoing basis. Activities include:

  • certification reviews
  • monitoring the day care/health program

Human Services designates a social worker to be the adult day care coordinator. The coordinator handles consultations with service providers. They handle local activities. Coordinators ensure standards get met on an ongoing basis per state law. Activities at the local level include:

  • certifications
  • recertification reviews
  • supervision of the day care/health program

If problems occur during routine monitoring, they must get resolved. The adult day care coordinator must get the problem corrected.