Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services consists of two sections:

  • Reporting
  • Guardianship


Who should report?

Lawfully, anyone with reasonable suspicion a disabled person needs protective services must report. Report to your local Human Services department. The reporter's identity remains confidential.

This law protects disabled adults in NC who are being abused, neglected or exploited.

How are reports made?

If you have information about a disabled adults' abuse, neglect or exploitation:

  •  call
  • write
  • visit

Reporting parties are safe from civil and criminal liability.


Adult Guardianship provides services mandated by Chapter 35A  of the NC General Statutes. Individuals adjudicated incompetent by the court receive these services. The adjudication basis is their need for a guardian to assist with decision-making.

Guardianship is a legal relationship authorized by the Clerk of Superior Court. An appointed guardian is a substitute decision maker for an incompetent adult.

If someone is unable to manage their own affairs or make their own decisions, a petition gets filed. The person may be in this situation due to injury, mental health issues or other disabilities. The Clerk of Superior Court has the person adjudicated incompetent. A legal guardian gets appointed.