EMS Special Operations

Cabarrus County EMS fields a specialized response program known as STORM. This stands for Special Technical Operations Response Medics. The team is made up of highly trained paramedics. These paramedics have a variety of experience and specialties.

The primary response includes:

  • disaster response
  • tactical medical support
  • mass casualty incident management
  • spectator event coverage

It began in 1994 with seven members and limited training. Members now are trained in many areas to include:

  • tactical EMS
  • land search
  • collapse rescue
  • disaster medical specialist
  • hazardous materials
  • ATV response
  • SMAT 3
  • water rescue

The program places trained paramedics in unusual environments. The paramedic has not typically functioned in this environment in the past. This allows for faster delivery of advanced level care. The program also provides regional and local disaster response. This disaster response is available through mutual aid or FEMA request.

Here are some of the special operations programs we offer:

Track Medics

A specialized team of paramedics undergo extensive training on motorsports accident response. They provide coverage to drivers during racing events. These events occur at Charlotte Motor Speedway and zMax Drag Strip.

Tactical EMS

Cabarrus EMS places paramedics on tactical police teams (SRT/SWAT). Thus experience provide early advanced care/support to team members, civilians and suspects. Each tactical paramedic receives training from the CONTOMS or the TEMS program. Team members remain active in support of three police agencies.

Hazmat Medic Team

Cabarrus EMS assigns paramedics to local hazardous materials teams. They are also assigned to special hazards response team. Members respond to hazmat, terrorist and explosive events.

Disaster Medical Specialists / Collapse Response

Cabarrus EMS supports a team of disaster medical specialists. This team is for the health and well-being of two structural collapse teams in the county. They also provide early, interventional care to patients trapped in this environment.

SMAT 3 Team

Cabarrus EMS supports a NCOEMS SMAT 3 team. They are responsible for local, regional and state response. They respond to MCI incidents and decontamination. All team members have extensive training in decontamination, hazardous materials, ICS and MCI.

SAR Medics

Cabarrus EMS provides paramedics for the County Search and Rescue team.

ATV Medics

Cabarrus EMS provides paramedics on ATVs for special, remote operations.