Online Access

Gain access to the Accela online portal by creating an account and linking it to our system. Accela offers a variety of options for homeowners, non-licensed contractors and licensed contractors.

Services Available Online

  • Submit for a residential building permit for a/an:
    • Accessory (pool, shed, detached garage, not attached to primary structure)
    • Addition (deck, room, screened porch, attached to primary structure)
    • Demolition
    • Upfit or Remodel
  • Submit a building Plan Review for new homes and commercial
  • Obtain trade permits (Licensed Trade Contractor)
  • Schedule inspections for the next working business day
  • Verify the status and results of an inspection
  • Find the name of the inspector assigned to the inspection, but subject to change

For assistance, email

Online Access

Step 1.Visit the application

Accela Citizen Access

Step 2.Register for an Account

Follow the steps at the top of the page to create an account

Step 3.Adding Delegates

Are you a licensed contractor with employees that need to access the Company's portal? The licensed contractor must complete, sign and notarize the Accela Citizen Access Form(PDF, 235KB) . Each authorized employee MUST create their own account.

Return the completed form to Construction Standards Office Email for processing.

The authorized delegates for the company now have access to use the Accela online portal.