Strategic Planning


Cabarrus County strives to empower people, act intentionally & decisively, and focus on the future.


Through meaningful partnerships and engagement, we serve and support all on their journey to thrive.


Teamwork: We work together to build a stronger organization. Everyone contributes skills, knowledge and efforts to achieve common goals.

Respect: We value each other. We treat and expect to be treated with respect to shape healthy relationships, foster cooperation, learn and create a welcoming environment.

Communication: We practice clear, accurate and timely communication to support connection, understanding and trust. We involve the right people and remove communication barriers to improve outcomes.

Integrity: We demonstrate integrity by always upholding the organization’s ethical and professional standards. We are dependable and work to establish credibility through honest, transparent actions.

Accountability: We are accountable to ourselves, our team and our community. We are willing to have crucial conversations and pursue opportunities for improvement. We directly address issues, learn from our experiences and respond with professionalism.

Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies

ENGAGEMENT: Strengthen community ties to increase understanding, participation and trust


  • Improve the value of information, resources and opportunities we offer the community
  • Design and implement purposeful relationship-building activities to elevate the County's presence within the community
  • Develop new approaches to manage customer requests and establish standards to ensure positive customer experiences

WORKPLACE CULTURE: Support employees through shared actions, values and culture to deliver exceptional service and become an employer of choice


  • Invest in and foster opportunities for consistent employee support, development and advancement
  • Enhance the County’s employee recognition efforts by honoring growth, contributions, achievements and dedication to the organization
  • Build strong, supportive teams using an organizational framework that helps employees recognize their strengths, address their weaknesses and adapt to changes for the benefit of the entire team
  • Offer employees greater access to information and opportunities to collaborate

STEWARDSHIP: Responsibly manage resources and care for assets to support the interests of our community


  • Sustain responsible financial practices, uphold mandated responsibilities and meet evolving needs
  • Promote and support the maximum efficiency, durability, safety, functionality and sustainability of County assets
  • Partner to safeguard natural and historic resources


INNOVATION: Modernize county government to meet current and future needs, improve efficiency and raise the level of accountability


  1. Measure and report progress made toward the County’s strategic and business plans to drive internal performance and accountability
  2. Develop guidelines to assess and adjust ordinances, policies and procedures for relevance and efficiency
  3. Create opportunities for employee involvement in the decision-making process and practice responsive leadership

ADVANCEMENT: Create pathways for upward economic mobility to support a prosperous and sustainable future for our community


  • Connect residents to the full range of County programs and services available to them
  • Support efforts to diversify and strengthen the local economy
  • Grow internal and external partnerships to accomplish shared goals for prioritized needs
  • Align workforce capacity to strategic priorities, population growth and service demand

Approved by the Board of Commissioners, September 18, 2023.

Process recap

  • January: Research/planning (staff and community inputs); formed Core Team for ongoing feedback
  • February: Kickoff with BOC (1) and leadership
  • March: BOC feedback on mission/vision (2); leadership goal work
  • April: Staff presentations; finalize vision/mission
  • May: BOC Endorsement of vision/mission (3); staff pulse survey; community input (ARPA, Gov 101)
  • June: Staff feedback on goals and strategies (surveys, discussions, workshops), staff values exercise
  • July: Staff inputs on strategies, impact metrics and values; revisions to strategies and metrics
  • August: BOC feedback (4), final adjustments
  • September-January: Plan launch
  • October: Task force creation and planning for alignment with FY25 budget
  • Spring 2024: Business plan development
  • July 2024: Fully aligned plan and budget

Learn about the process Cabarrus County used to develop its new strategic plan.

For questions, feedback or comments on the strategic planning process, contact Strategy Manager Kasia Thompson.


Strategic Plan Dashboard

County staff measure performance related to the Strategic Plan goals and objectives. Performance data is maintained in an interactive dashboard in OpenGov, our budget and performance software:

View the County's Performance Measures

NOTE: Measures are tied to the 2019 Strategic Plan Priority Areas:

  • Healthy and Safe Community
  • Culture and Recreation
  • Sustainable Growth and Development
  • A Thriving Economy
  • Transparent and Accountable Government

The FY25 budget will align with the 2023 Strategic Plan. A revised dashboard will come online in Fall of 2024.