Active Living Facilities

Our senior center facilities are available for rent.

Concord Senior Center

Monday - Thursday, 8 am - 8 pm

Friday, 8 am - 5 pm 

Mount Pleasant Senior Center

Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

Our Senior Centers are the primary locations where older adults come together. They are a place to receive client services/outreach and participate in a wide range of programs. These programs aim to meet the diverse needs and interests of Cabarrus County's:

  • older adults
  • adults with disabilities
  • their caregivers

The centers coordinate several wellness programs funded by:

  • the Older Americans Act
  • Cabarrus County

These programs encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for older adults:

  • by promoting total wellness
  • allowing clients to remain independent

Cabarrus uses a "person centered" approach to provide services and support to residents. This philosophy preserves the dignity of each individual, while minimizing institutional care.

The centers partner with other agencies. This partnership ensures clients receive all the available services and support they need.

Through resident input, the Area Strategic Plan(PDF, 10MB) identifies six priority areas. Cabarrus County Government implemented strategies and proactive focus initiatives based on these areas. These strategies and initiatives were the first of many steps taken to serve seniors. The diverse abilities and stages of the aging population are embodied in the plan.

Mission Statement

"To enrich the quality of life for persons of all ages and abilities. We do this by providing high quality recreation, education and social opportunities. These opportunities are in harmony with natural resource preservation."

The center provides recreational, educational and wellness activities for older and disabled adults. There are also programs for caregivers.

Located in Concord and Mt. Pleasant, the centers are places where seniors can:

  • gather to meet friends for a game of cards, billiards, shuffleboard and more
  • participate in a variety of classes and clubs
  • enjoy dances, holiday celebrations, health screenings and special events

NC Aging & Adult Services certified Concord Senior Center as a Center of Excellence.

For information on Senior Center policies, classes, services and more, call 704-920-3484.