Inaugural Sweet & Sour Pickleball Classic


Date: April 6, 2024
Time:  Matches begin at 8:30 a.m.
Location:  Frank Liske Park - 4001 Stough Rd. Concord, NC 28027
Eligibility:  Open to players with skill levels from 2.0 and up. No professional rating required
Requirements:  Participants should have a solid grasp of scoring rules and game regulations.
Rain Contingency:  In case of rain on Saturday, matches will be rescheduled for Sunday, April 7
Team Composition:  Teams must consist of one male and one female player
Awards:  Trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams in each division
Registration Fee:  $30 per team

Don’t miss this chance to showcase your pickleball prowess and enjoy a day of spirited play. REGISTER NOW!

Level 2.0 – Beginner:  Player moves comfortably across the court. They can complete successful serves often.

Level 2.5 – Beginning Novice:  Player effectively uses the two-bounce rule and catches on to patterns of pickleball gameplay.

Level 3.0 – Novice:  Player is beginning to perfect their serve. They understand the different personalities of gameplay.

Level 3.5 – Intermediate:  Player can effectively use their own serving strategies and maintain short rallies. They demonstrate how to serve deep.

Level 4.0 – Intermediate Advanced:  Player maintains long rallies and effectively uses deep serving strategies and third shots. They’re confident in their abilities and have fewer fouls. 

Level 4.5 – Advanced:  Player uses a high level of strategy and is confident in their gameplay. They’re quick and understand how to use their opponent's weakness against them. Errors are still made.



  • Saturday, April 06, 2024 | 08:30 AM


Frank Liske Park

4001 Stough Road, Concord, NC, 28027, View Map

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