Voting Machines

Voting Machines

Cabarrus County voters have two options of voting machines when they vote on Election Day at the polls. Those with vision or hearing disabilities can use the AutoMark system to easily cast a ballot. All other voters will use the DS200 optical scan voting system.


After you register, a poll worker will give you a paper ballot. Mark your selections on the paper ballot with the pen provided to you. Mark a selection for every contest by filling in the oval completely beside your selection of the candidate name or issue.

M100 Voting Machine

You must fill in the oval completely and stay within the lines. Only select the number of choices allowed for each contest. To write in a candidate, fill in the oval beside "write in" and fill in the name of your choice.

Oval Filled in Completely on a Ballot

AutoMark System

AutoMark Video Demonstration

The AutoMark Voter Assist Terminal allows voters with disabilities and other special needs to mark a ballot privately. After you register, a poll worker will give you a paper ballot. Insert the ballot into the voting machine. An instruction screen will appear. Review the simple instructions and then press the flashing "next" button.

AutoMark Voter Assist Terminal

To change the appearance of the screen, choose "zoom in" to enlarge or "high contrast" to change display to black and white contrast.

Now you can begin to make selections. Selections will be highlighted in yellow and a black oval will appear. To select an item, touch the candidate name or issue.

Note the number of candidates that you can vote for in each category. If you select too many, the machine will ask you to deselect. You can press the "back" button to go to previous screen.

To write in a candidate, touch the write-in option and a keyboard will appear on the screen. Once you have entered the candidate's name, press "OK." The name will appear on the ballot.

After completing the last page of the ballot, a summary screen will appear showing all the selections you have made. Review all the items. Then press the "next" button to return to the summary screen.

When you are satisfied with your selections, you will need to mark your ballot. Press the flashing "next" button at the bottom of the screen, then touch "mark your ballot." You will then see a "thank you" message.

The screen will return your ballot. Proceed to the tabulator and place the ballot in the feeder. Unless a notice appears on the screen, your ballot has been cast.

If changes are required, see a poll worker for assistance.

M100 Voting Machine

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