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Canceling a Reservation

Here is information about canceling your scheduled reservation.

  • ​Call the CCTS main line at 704-920-2246 to cancel your scheduled reservation.
  • If you call to cancel your scheduled reservation after 1:00 PM on the day prior to your scheduled reservation or cancel on the same day but more than two hours before your scheduled reservation, you will receive a same day cancellation. Please refer to the CCTS same day cancellation policy.
  • If you call to cancel your scheduled reservation less than two hours prior to your scheduled reservation, you will receive a no-show. Please refer to the CCTS no-show policy.
  • If you cannot call during regular business hours, leave a message for the dispatcher.
  • You MUST call CCTS to cancel your reservation. If you call our provider to cancel your reservation, it is still your responsibility to call CCTS to make sure all segments of your reservation have been cancelled,

Same Day Cancellation Policy

A same-day cancelation designation will occur when a client calls in to cancel a trip on the day of a scheduled pick-up or after 1 p.m. on the day prior to the pick-up when the trip has been scheduled to a driver and the manifests are already created.

Receiving three same-day cancelation designations will be equivalent to receiving one No-Show designation.

Three No-Shows in a 90-day period is considered excessive and will result in cancellation of all other scheduled trips and the client will be placed on a 30-day suspension of services.

For questions about No-Show records, call 704-920-2926

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