Special Assistance In-Home

Special Assistance In-Home

Adults who are at risk of placement in an Adult Care Home may qualify for assistance to remain at home instead. The Special Assistance In-Home Program (SA/IH) can help qualified individuals who are assessed as having a safe home environment and demonstrated need for additional financial supports and services, to continue living independently.

SA/IH can help with essential expenses such as food, shelter, clothing and other daily necessities associated with a private living arrangement. A case manager works with participants to determine the need and purpose for SA/IH assistance. The case manager also monitors to assure the funds are used for the intended purposes and that the participant remains safely at home.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must require the same level of care as provided by an adult care facility (confirmed by MD) but express a desire to live at home or in another private living setting
  • Must have income below the federal poverty level and be eligible for Medicaid
  • If not already receiving Medicaid, must fill out an application and be determined eligible for both Medicaid and SA In-Home payment
  • Must demonstrate need for added financial support to remain safely at home
  • With  services, can have health, safety and well-being maintained at home

There are a limited number of SA/IH slots available in Cabarrus County and applicants may be placed on a waiting list. Once a slot becomes available, applicants will be advised to fill out an SA/IH Medicaid application and will then be referred to an SA/IH Case Manager for assessment in the home.

Individuals may contact the Adult Services Line at  704-920-1400 for questions regarding the SA/IH program.

Other Services

Our Adult and Aging representatives can help explore other services that you or your loved one may need through an assessment process.

Are you in need of a service not listed on our website? If so, call our intake line at 704-920-1400; option 7; then option 2. One of our staff can explore options and community resources for other programs

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