Planning and Zoning Ordinances

Floodplain Ordinance

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The floodplain ordinance is a collection of corrective and preventative measure for reducing flood damage and improving flood loss reduction building standards for new and existing development. Adopting and enforcing a floodplain ordinances is an important element in making flood insurance available to home and business owners.

Subdivision Ordinance

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The subdivision ordinance establishes legal standards for subdivision development​, including streets, sewage disposal, drainage ways, and water systems. It protects communities and ensures building lots provide a wholesome living environment for future residents through adequate lot size, public access, and the availability of public services, as well as, conserving natural, scenic, historic, and recreational areas.

Zoning Ordinance

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The zoning ordinance is a formal codification of land use policies for the county. It's goal is to establish permitted uses for land covered by the ordinance, and to distinguish between different types of uses which may be incompatible. In addition to defining specific types of land use, regions are divided into “zones” in which certain types of permitted use can occur.

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