New Candidate Committees

When is a candidate required to set up a committee?

An individual must file organizational paperwork with the Cabarrus County Board of Elections office within 10 days of whichever of these actions occurs first:

  • a public announcement of candidacy is made
  • any money is spent or received in support of that candidacy
  • a notice of candidacy or petition requesting to be a candidate is filed
  • a person is certified as the nominee of a political party for a vacancy

What forms are required in order to set up a committee?

The organizational paperwork must include:

  • Statement of Organization-Candidate Committee (CRO-2100A)
  • Certification of Treasurer (CRO-3100)
  • Certification of Financial Account Number Information (CRO-3500)
  • Candidate Designation of Committee Funds (CRO-3900). This optional form is recommended to ensure the candidate's choice of committee fund distribution in the event the candidate dies before the committee is closed.

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