Find a Lost Animal

Find a lost Animal

View lost and found cats and dogs currently in custody of Cabarrus County Animal Control. 

If your animal is in our custody learn how to reclaim your pet.

It is important to check website at least every two or three days when looking for a lost pet. It is often difficult to describe and positively identify an animal over the phone. If there is any identification on your pet, the Animal Center will make every effort to contact the owner, but tags and collars are frequently missing or damaged when an animal is lost.

All dogs in our custody are also displayed on you can register for this free app and report your missing dog on this site.

Other sites you may want to consider searching and or reporting your lost pet to:


Human Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County


Facebook sites


Concord Missing Pet Poster

Lost and Found Pets Cabarrus County, NC

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