VIDEO: Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan Phase 2 needs you

Cabarrus County and the Town of Harrisburg have partnered to update the Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan. The plan, which is reviewed every five to 10 years, provides a framework for future development in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. 

The success of the planning process depends on the participation of citizens and other stakeholders. The ideas, observations and opinions of the community members are important in crafting a plan custom-tailored to fit the Harrisburg Planning Area.

The next planning drop in is Tuesday, February 6, from 3:30-7:30 p.m., at the Harrisburg Town Hall (4100 Main St). 

Between the first public meeting on November 2 and an online survey, the first phase of public involvement included about 325 participants. The project team is busy analyzing data to determine themes, market trends and common goals. Long-range planning scenarios are also starting to emerge from the community input.

“Cabarrus County and the Town of Harrisburg are interested in what the citizens have to say,” said Cabarrus County Planning and Zoning Manager Susie Morris. “Based on feedback from citizens we have already changed some of the initial thoughts. Your voice really is heard and that input is very important to this overall process.” 

The project team is looking for additional community input on common themes, plan goals and emerging long-range planning scenarios.

The goals expressed in the plan and the corresponding future land use map, which is a graphic depiction of the preferred future development pattern, convey the community’s 20-year vision for the area’s future. The plan is aspirational, yet grounded in the realities of market conditions, natural constraints and infrastructure limitations. The supporting policies presented in the plan further communicate the community’s expectations and guide leadership decisions so the vision can be realized.

The updating process also takes into consideration recent investments, including the completion of I-485 and new development along Rocky River Road and NC-49.

During the February 6 session, all comment is welcome, but the team is specifically looking for feedback on four areas:

Area 1, the Morehead West area: The Town and County co-adopted a plan last year that looked at land use development in this area. This plan will be incorporated into the revisions that the team is currently working on. The topography of the area is a challenge, officials said.

Area 2, the Blackwelder Road area: The feel of this part of Harrisburg has changed with the modifications to Highway 49 and the new overpass. It’s marked by higher density residential in the area toward Roberta Road, but is also home to several farms in the Voluntary Agriculture Program along Blackwelder Road.

Area 3, Shamrock Road area: Several large tracts of undeveloped land are part of this area, which was impacted by the double tracking project limiting access to Highway 49.

Area 4, Reedy Creek Watershed: A new elementary school is planned for this area. Development pressure is occurring, but the area is also home to a variety of natural resources that are unique to the County. Officials want to know if residents think preservation is part of this process.

For more information on the Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan Update, visit or call 704-920-2141.

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