Tuesday January 28, 2020

County launches new Geographical Information Systems (GIS) site

Back in the late 1990s, Cabarrus was one of the first counties in the nation to offer its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) online. To this day, GIS information remains one of the most visited parts of CabarrusCounty.us, and now that area has been updated and expanded.

The new site combines two different apps (MyCabarrusGIS and GIS Data Explorer) into a single resource with a variety of uses. The past sites, while still functional, were unstable and often required fixes, officials said. Also the server that hosted the old sites will soon lose Microsoft support.

Over the roughly two-month development process, “we tried to make the interface as simple as possible,” said Landon Patterson, Cabarrus County business systems analyst. That design simplicity, combined with a cleanup of back end functionality, led to faster load times and easier, more logical navigation, Patterson added. The app also features tools for measurement and printing as well as a data explorer function that allows users to overlay a variety of information via checkboxes. It is also integrated with the existing Claris application and the recently updated tax foreclosure site.

Collected information includes land and building value, zoning, property history, appraisal card, most recent sale information, tax bills, deeds, environmental information, fire districts, school districts and voting precincts.

Business and Location Innovative Services Supervisor Joe Battinelli said the County released a test site before the holidays and invited local realtors, architects, government workers and other regular GIS users to dig in and note what they liked and didn’t like. IT staff is working on some of the items mentioned for improvement, he said. “And “this is not a static thing,” Battinelli told the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners at the January agenda meeting. Updates will continue as needed.

“What the team has tried to do is take true GIS tools and put them in the end users’ hands,” said Todd Shanley, Cabarrus County Information Technology director. “There’s so much more data that we can provide and produce for the public.”

Explore the new site and try out some of the features at www.cabarruscounty.us/GIS.

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