Connecting with nature

Rob Wallace Park Manager Alex Beck spent years collecting treasures at Rob Wallace Park. The collection is now an exhibit in the park’s main building and used regularly to connect visitors with nature.

Visitors can find on display different species of turtles, gray and green treefrogs, a bearded dragon, paper wasp nests, and various skulls and bones from different animals.

Beck is a long time nature enthusiast who’s been with Cabarrus for more than five years. In his tenure, he’s sought innovative ways to deliver education with the park experience.

“I want to be a resource for the community, and create meaningful and memorable experiences for people who visit us,” Beck said. “There is so much to learn about nature.”

The exhibit is just one step toward the goal.

The park also offers programs such as log rolling, hiking and other activities that provide perfect opportunities to teach about environmental issues, Beck said.

“Some people don’t have a connection with the needs of nature because they haven’t had a meaningful experience.”

Beck is dedicated to creating those moments for park visitors.

“I hope that we can provide that experience at our park through education and recreation. By promoting greater understanding of environmental issues, we can begin to make a difference in our community.”

You can visit Rob Wallace Park at 12900 Bethel School Road in Midland, daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through October. To learn more and register for upcoming programs and events for all ages, visit and follow

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