Cabarrus celebrates service milestones

Cabarrus County leaders honored the work of employees who reached service milestones in a ceremony before family and colleagues at the Cabarrus County Government Center on December 17.

The group of 144 employees totaled nearly 1,700 years of service to Cabarrus County residents.

Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners Chairman Steve Morris said he was pleased to be a part of the ceremony.

"It is a great compliment that this group of celebrants have decided to stay here with us for so many years," he said. "County commissioners come and go, but these employees have been here for the long haul."

Deputy County Manager Pam Dubois was one of four employees recognized for 30 years of service and has plans to retire this spring.

In a tribute video, Dubois said when she began with the County in 1988, she never dreamed she would still be with Cabarrus 30 years later.

“We are doing more than just local government,” she said. “We are trying to reach out to our citizens in need. Anything we can do to improve their quality of life.”

Dubois said that it’s exciting to see the impact and the change in the community and knowing you had a part in that change. “That’s what a public position in government is about.”

Cabarrus County has more than 1,200 employees across a multitude of professions. The County regularly updates job listings and actively seeks team members who are focused on quality customer service, collaboration and accountability. If you’d like to learn more about joining the Cabarrus County Government team, visit

Service Award Honorees

Visit the Cabarrus County Facebook page, to view photos from the event.

Tribute videos were created in celebration of those reaching 30 years with Cabarrus.

30 years of service

Pam Dubois, County Manager’s Office

Jeff Hatley, Infrastructure & Asset Management (IAM)

Jonathan Marshall, County Manager’s Office

Richard Stancil, IAM

25 years of service

Laura Almond, Library

Gregory Belk, Tax Administration

Linda Cruse, Planning & Development

Thomas Hooks, Sheriff’s Office

Linda Huntley, Human Resources

Norris James, Sheriff’s Office

Cathy Rucker, Human Services

20 years of service

Bryan Berg, Sheriff’s Office

Justin Brines, EMS

Tessa Burchett, Sheriff’s Office

Lewis Burgess, Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Burnette, Sheriff’s Office

Belinda Cline, Human Services

Dawn Dissler, Sheriff’s Office

Keith Drake, Sheriff’s Office

Lisa Fullerton, Human Services

Marshall Isenhour, Sheriff’s Office

Ashley Johnson, Human Services

Adam Keller, EMS

Mark Kirk, EMS

Becky Lewis, Human Services

Debra Mathis, Human Services

Marla Mcneill-Johnson, Human Services

Kimberly Middlebrooks, Human Services

Dave Moose, Sheriff’s Office

Catrina Nash, Human Services

Brent Saffell, Sheriff’s Office

15 years of service

Gerald Anderson, EMS

Daniel Barrier, Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Bass, Human Services

David Baxter, Communications & Outreach

Candis Elwood, Sheriff’s Office

Shawna Flowe, Human Services

Michael Furr, Sheriff’s Office

Dennis Isenhour, Tax Administration

Kevin Klinglesmith, Sheriff’s Office

Matt Love, Planning & Development

Teresa Murray, IAM

Johanna Ray, Human Resources

Donald Sastoque, Sheriff’s Office

Dana Simpson, Planning & Development

Joy Vansoest, Library

10 years of service

Linwood Arthur, EMS

Andrew Barrier, Tax Administration

Monica Bayha, ITS

Kyle Bilafer, County Manager’s Office

Joshua Coffman, Active Living & Parks

Jason Crossmon, Sheriff’s Office

Susan Dempsey, Sheriff’s Office

Adam Frashuer, Sheriff’s Office

Jeffrey Freeze, Transportation

Yolanda Gatewood, Human Services

Jessie Gatling, Sheriff’s Office

Earl Glenn, Sheriff’s Office

Kevin Grant, IAM

Oliver Grimes, Sheriff’s Office

Dustin Grooms, Sheriff’s Office

Susan Grosse, Board of Elections

Angela Haynes, Human Services

Tonya Honeycutt, EMS

Joseph Howell, Transportation

Joshua Hughes, Sheriff’s Office

Kyle Kiziah, EMS

Sandra Lambert, EMS

Daniel Lambert, Sheriff’s Office

Tonya Ligon, EMS

William Long, EMS

Dawn Montgomery, Sheriff’s Office

Jerome Moore, Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Morton, Veterans Services

Christopher Motley, Sheriff’s Office

Sherry Nash, Sheriff’s Office

Lee Pender, Sheriff’s Office

Cynthia Pennell, Sheriff’s Office

Angela Poplin, Board of Commissioners

Marc Pressley, EMS

Ross Provost, Sheriff’s Office

Jodi Ramirez, Sheriff’s Office

Marcus Shinn, IAM

Bianca Stancil, Sheriff’s Office

Norma Standley, Human Services

April Staton, Sheriff’s Office

Deric Swain, Sheriff’s Office

Denise Underwood, Human Services

Violet Van Horn, Human Services

5 years of service

Cinnamon Baker, EMS

John Beall, EMS

Alexander Beck, Active Living & Parks

Nichole Binkley, EMS

Kevin Boger, IAM

Jon Boswell, Sheriff’s Office

Sandra Bradshaw, Human Services

Jonathan Callahan, Sheriff’s Office

Bertha Cardenas, Human Services

Nicole Conner, Human Services

Benita Conrad, Sheriff’s Office

Shae Cooke, Library

Timothy Culp, Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Cunningham, Human Services

Christopher Dial, Sheriff’s Office

Sherry Dixon, Tax Administration

Jessi Ellenburg, Library

Larry Frye, Sheriff’s Office

Mark Fuller, Sheriff’s Office

David Furr, Sheriff’s Office

Robert Furr, Cooperative Extension

Jarrett Glass, Communications & Outreach

Patricia Gore, Tax Administration

Bobby Hampton, Sheriff’s Office

Cassie Hansen, Human Services

Cheryl Harris, Human Services

Amanda Hill, Human Services

Matthew Hopkins, Emergency Management

Corbin Hyland, EMS

John Inks, Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Jones, Human Services

Linda Latson, Human Services

Shantal Luna-Soares, Human Services

Nicholas Mckinney, EMS

Bambi Mikeska, IAM

Jeffery Moose, Sheriff’s Office

Shari Morris, Human Services

Wayne Melton, Register of Deeds

Paul Norris, Sheriff’s Office

Stanley Parnell, Transportation

Melisa Perry, Human Services

Alisha Pruitte, EMS

Carol Ramirez, Human Services

Berta Ramos, Human Services

Meredith Reardon, Library

Sharon Reese, Human Services

Jasmin Reta, Human Services

James Rominger, Sheriff’s Office

Daniel Santiago, Sheriff’s Office

Jennifer Shumway, Human Services

April Shutters, Human Services

David Smit, ITS

Carol Soles, Board of Elections

Kevin Stallings, IAM

Matthew Tardugno, IAM

Kendra Tedder, EMS

Cody Tidwell, EMS

Eric Trevathan, ITS

Randy Turner, IAM

Penny Untz, Tax Administration

Wilson Walters, Sheriff’s Office

Matthew Whitley, Sheriff’s Office

Amanda Wilkerson, Library

Michelle Willey, ITS

James Wingard, EMS

Amanda Wisecarver, Sheriff’s Office

Shann Womble, EMS

Susanne Wright, Sheriff’s Office

Bendu Zargo, Human Services

2018 retirees

Alan Thompson, EMS

Milton Harless, Sheriff’s Office

Paul Hunt, Sheriff’s Office

Greg Keller, ITS

Dorothy Payne, ITS

Trudy Karriker, Human Services

Bill Birmingham, Tax Administration

John Cafferty, Sheriff’s Office

Cheryl Yoho, Planning & Development

Linda Ensign, Library

Kathy Martin, Library

Brad Riley, Sheriff’s Office

Jackie Bost, Planning & Development

Terry Cauble, Planning & Development

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