Board of Commissioners Action Report, December 18


Dec. 21, 2017 – The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners had its regular meeting on Monday, November 20. Watch the meeting on Charter Channel 22 or Cabarrus County's YouTube channel. You can also review tweets sent live from the meeting.   

View the full agenda of the December 18 BOC meeting (large document and may take a few minutes to load).

Among its decisions, the Board of Commissioners:


  • Active Living and Parks - 2017 Fees and Charges Policy
  • Board of Commissioners - Commissioner Appointments for 2018
  • Board of Commissioners - Resolution Establishing the Board of Commissioners' 2018 Meeting Schedule
  • Department of Human Services - FY18 Home and Community Care Block Grant (HCCBG) Funding Plan Revision
  • Finance - Budget Write-off of Capital Projects in the Construction and Renovation Fund and the School Construction Fund
  • Finance - Contractual Incentive Payment for SMG (Cabarrus Arena)
  • Kannapolis City Schools - Funding Request for Kannapolis Middle School Contract Changes
  • Kannapolis City Schools - Kannapolis City Schools Request Funds to Match Federal Grant
  • Library - Policy Updates
  • Planning and Development - Soil and Water Conservation District Board - Contract for Farmland Preservation Grant
  • Sheriff's Office - Request to Award a Service Weapon to Deputy Charles Cause Upon Retirement
  • Tax Administration - Refund and Release Reports - November 2017  



  • Finance - Presentation of the Fiscal Year 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Accepted CAFR; Approved budget amendment and project budget ordinance
  • County Manager - Replacement of the Jail Dishwasher 
  • Approved


  • Appointments And Removals - Cabarrus County Senior Centers Advisory Council: Removed Dorton and Linker; Reappointed Baumgardner and Childers; Appointed Bennett and Drain
  • Cabarrus-Rowan Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Appointments: Reappointed Morris (Regular Member) and appointed Collins (Alternate); and reappointed Poole (Regular Member) and Morris (Alternate)
  • NC 73 Council of Planning Member Appointments: Reappointed Morris (Regular Member) and appointed Collins (Alternate); and reappointed Honeycutt (Regular Member) and Poole (Alternate)



  • BOC - Receive Updates From Commission Members Who Serve As Liaisons To Municipalities Or On Various Boards/Committees: None
  • County Manager - Monthly Building Activity Reports: Received report as part of the agenda
  • County Manager - Monthly New Development Reports: Received report as part of the agenda
  • Economic Development Corporation - November 2017 Monthly Summary Report: Received report as part of the agenda
  • Finance - Monthly Financial Update: Received report as part of the agenda


  • Active Living and Parks Commission - 4 Terms Expiring Soon
  • Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee - 7 Vacant Positions
  • Agricultural Advisory Board - 2 Terms Expiring Soon
  • Animal Protection Advisory Board - 2 Expired Terms
  • Concord Planning And Zoning Commission (ETJ) - 1 Vacant Position
  • Home And Community Care Block Grant Committee - 1 Vacant Position (DHS/Designee/Disabled Adults)
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council - 2 Vacant Positions (Substance Abuse Professional And At-Large)
  • Library Board of Trustees - (Kannapolis)
  • Mt. Pleasant Planning Board and Board of Adjustment - 1 Vacant Position (Alternate)
  • Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee - 7 Vacant Positions
  • Transportation Advisory Board - 3 vacant positions (Cabarrus EMS, clergy and Midland)
  • Youth commission - 6 vacant positions

Learn more about serving on a Cabarrus County advisory board and/or committee.

The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners will hold its next work session on Monday, January 3, and its next regular meeting on Monday, January 16. Note: This is for information only. The minutes for the meeting will be the official record of action taken by the Board on Dec. 18, 2017.

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