Board of Commissioners Action Report, April 16

April 19, 2018– The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners had its regular meeting on Monday, April 16. Watch the meeting on Spectrum Channel 22 or Cabarrus County's YouTube channel. You can also review tweets sent live from the meeting.   


Among its decisions, the Board of Commissioners:


  • Finance - Cabarrus County Schools Renovation Request for J.N. Fries Middle School
  • Finance - Resolution Approving Installment Contract Financing for Various Public Projects up to $55,000,000
  • Library - Presentation of Grant Application
  • Sheriff's Office - Request to Award a Service Weapon to Lieutenant Milton Daniel Harless Upon Retirement
  • Solid Waste Management - Landfill: Proposed Construction and Demolition Waste and Individual Household Municipal Solid Waste Tipping Fees
  • Solid Waste Management - Scrap Tire Recycling and Disposal Contract with US Tire Recycling
  • Tax Administration - Refund and Release Reports - March 2018



  • Planning and Development Department - Proposed Text Amendment to TEXT2018-00001 - Public Hearing 6:30 p.m. HELD PUBLIC HEARING; ADOPTED ORDINANCE; AND APPROVED TRANSFER OF FEE FOR TEMPORARY USE PERMITS
  • Finance - Acceptance of Construction bid for a new Southwest Area Elementary School for Cabarrus County Schools. ACCEPTED CONSTRUCTION BID, SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY THE CABARRUS COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION
  • Board of Commissioners - Resolution Amending the Board of Commissioners’ 2018 Meeting Schedule. ADOPTED RESOLUTION
  • County Manager - Mount Pleasant Middle School Sale Offer Review


  • Appointments and Removals - Cabarrus County Animal Protection Advisory Board. REMOVED PLUMMER; APPOINTED CARTER; AND REAPPOINTED TUCKER


The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners will hold its next work session on Monday, May 7, and its next regular meeting on Monday, May 21. Note: This is for information only. The minutes for the meeting will be the official record of action taken by the Board on April 16, 2018.

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