Make a difference with the N.C. Big Sweep, Oct. 5

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CTWBigSweep9-13.jpgSept. 30, 2013 — Get ready for the 2013 Big Sweep, a day when the state bans together to transform the landscape by creating a litter-free environment. This year’s big sweep will take place on Saturday, Oct. 5.
Here in Cabarrus County, like other counties, we’ve experienced growth in the last 10 years. This can lead to potentially negative impacts to our streams and water quality. Storm water runoff s degrading Clarke Creek and Rocky River, so that both bodies of water are officially listed as impaired by sediment and bacteria pollution. CTWBigSweep19-13.jpg
Another hazard is litter. From tires and other items discarded in our waterways to cigarette butts, the most-common litter item, peppered throughout our landscape, litter has both environmental and economic consequences. All litter can be deadly to wildlife that mistake it as food or become entangled in it. Once entangled, wildlife often attract other wildlife to the same hazard.
Last year, Big Sweep volunteers retrieved everything from plastic bags and cigarette filters to bowling balls and wheelchairs. All told, volunteers retrieved the equivalent of almost 1,000 football fields five
feet deep in litter. Here in CabarrCTWBigSweep29-13.jpgus County, we’d love to see you participate in one of our local Big Sweep activities. There are nearly a dozen local events involving schools, scout troops and our parks. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a day outside and make significant contributions to protect our beautiful, local environment.
If you or your organization want to get involved with a local project of the NC Big Sweep annual litter clean-up day on Oct. 5, call the Cabarrus County Soil and Water Conservation District at 704-920-3300.

Watch this week's episode of CTW for details on the following programs and events
  • Midland Magic Festival, Hwy 601, Oct. 5 and 6
  • Tracy Lawrence Concert, Cabarrus Arena, Oct. 19
  • Bank of America 500, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Oct. 12
  • Fall Scavenger Hunt, Frank Liske Park, Oct. 5 (Register by Oct. 3)
  • Jack O’ Lantern Jaunt Road Race, Frank Liske Park, Oct. 26
  • Spooky Saturday, Kannapolis Library, Oct. 26
  • Roller Derby Double Header, Cabarrus Arena, Oct. 19
  • Veteran flu shot clinic, Cabarrus Government Center, Oct. 3
  • Senior flu shot clinic, Cabarrus County Senior Center Concord, Oct 8-9
  • Senior Center Dances, Cabarrus County Senior Center Concord, Oct. 4, 12, 18
  • 33rd Christmas Made in the South, Cabarrus Arena, Oct. 25-27
  • Planning For College Success workshop, Concord Library, Oct. 12
  • Historic Sheriff Display, Community asked to help find portraits of Sheriffs who served prior t