Volunteer fire department ramps up response and lowers rating

housefire7-13.jpgJuly 29, 2013 — Beginning Nov. 1, property owners in parts of Cabarrus may become eligible for lower insurance premiums because of improvements made by the Odell Volunteer Fire Department.

The North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal (NCOSFM) recently announced the Odell Fire Department earned a lowered fire insurance rating of Class 6.

To receive the lowered rating, the Odell Fire Department, with the assistance of the Cabarrus County Fire Marshal’s Office and surrounding fire departments, participated in a NCOSFM water shuttle operation evaluation. They are the first volunteer fire department in Cabarrus County to participate in this type of graded exercise, which determines their ability to move water to areas not serviced by fire hydrants.

“We are excited for the Odell community and proud of the Odell Fire Department,” said Cabarrus County Fire Marshal Steve Langer. “The hard work and performance by Chief Jacob Williams and volunteers of the Odell Fire Department will pay off for the residents they serve.”

The new rating will take effect November 1, 2013. Property owners in the Odell area are encouraged to contact their individual insurance companies to determine eligibility for a rate reduction.

Langer says the Fire Marshal’s Office is working with local fire districts to strategically identify and improve procedures. The goal of the initiative is to enhance services and lower ratings throughout the County.

Cabarrus residents are encouraged to contact their local fire department or the Fire Marshal’s Office to learn what efforts are underway to lower ratings in their neighborhood.

For more information, visit the Cabarrus County Fire Marshal’s website or call 704-920-2143.