Training wheels

April 4, 2103 — In its April edition, ESPN The Magazine featured Cabarrus County EMS paramedics participating in a training scenario with Charlotte Motor Speedway safety crews.

We’re proud of our emergency responders and the great work they do. Way to go!


Text alongside photo:
Meet Rescue Randy. Though he’s just a 165-pound mannequin, he’s treated like a real driver while being extracted from fiery wreckage at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It’s all part of an annual safety training session in which crews, largely made up of local fire and EMS professionals, practice everything from fighting fires to treating injuries. Mark Martin, a 30-year veteran driver who has been in so many wrecks he walks as if his shoes are full of thumbtacks, certainly appreciates the attention to realism. “I love Randy and I’ve never even met him,” he says. “That dude has saved my life.” —RYAN MCGEE

Photographs by D.L. ANDERSON

150: Number of emergency professionals who underwent training at Charlotte Motor Speedway on March 2 and 3.
30: Number of ambulances on hand for a typical NASCAR race day at CMS.
700: Highest number of people treated on a NASCAR race day at CMS. Patients typically range from dehydrated fans to drivers involved in a wreck.

Special thanks to ESPN The Magazine for permission to post the article.