The ‘other’ tax deadline

TaxDaySmall.jpgJan. 24, 2013 — The April 15 tax deadline is still a few months away, but there are several tax-related deadlines on Thursday, Jan. 31. The end of the month marks cutoffs for property listings or extensions, property tax exemptions, and applications for present use and wildlife conservation deferments.

Property listings
North Carolina requires individuals and businesses owning personal property on Jan. 1 of each year to list property subject to taxation. Tax listings for personal property include unlicensed motor vehicles, watercraft, farm machinery, mobile homes not listed as real property and aircraft. Tax listings for business personal property include equipment, supplies, materials, machinery, farm equipment and leasehold improvements.

Individual and business property owners may complete a Listing Extension Request Form in writing or online and show good cause for the extension. Requests received after Jan. 31 will be denied.
Property tax exemptions
North Carolina General Statutes allow certain types of property to be exempt from taxes if they meet specified requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, property used for religious, burial, educational, scientific, literary and charitable purposes.
To apply for an exemption, residents must file an application with the revaluation department by Jan. 31.
Present use and wildlife conservation deferment applications are also due on Jan. 31.
Present use refers to property tax deferral for qualifying property involved in agricultural, horticultural or forestry management. The owner must also meet ownership, acreage, income and sound management requirements.
Wildlife conservation applies to land of at least 20 acres and no more than 100 acres in any one county. Owners must manage the land under a written Wildlife Habitat Conservation Agreement with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. The owner must also meet ownership, acreage, income and sound management requirements.
For complete information about tax listings, exemptions or deferments, visit the Cabarrus County Tax Administration office online or in person at the Cabarrus County Governmental Center, 65 Church Street SE, Concord.
Please direct phone calls for personal property listings to 704-920-2166, business property listings to 704-920-2176, and exemptions and deferments to 704-920-2428.