Message from Sheriff Brad Riley: Fraud Investigation

​Cabarrus residents receiving calls from unidentified person attempting to commit fraud by telephone using the Sheriff’s Office name as place of business


Feb. 26, 2014 -- The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office has received a number of calls from residents advising that some unidentified person is attempting to commit fraud by telephone, using the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office name as his place of business.
The caller is described as a male, claiming to be an employee of the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect is telling victims that they have missed jury duty and that a warrant for their arrest has been issued. The suspect then advises the victim that if they will pay $700 over the phone, that he can handle the issue for them without delay. The suspect then details a process to identify a proper way to transfer the money to him.
The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office wants the public to know that our agency does not collect any fines or fees over the telephone. If you are unsure if the person contacting you is an employee of the Sheriff’s Office, we ask that the public contact our agency at 704-920-3000. There is also information that this same type fraud is occurring in other jurisdictions as well.
The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office does not have any more information available at this time. If anyone has any further information, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at 704-920-3000 or 704-920-3025.  
Sheriff Brad Riley