Emergency planning and preparation are essential

CabCoEmgyMgmt030813.jpgMarch 8, 2013 -- Because disaster can strike at any time and place, emergency planning and preparation are essential. Preparation may be the most significant contribution you can make for you and your family’s security and well-being.

Our local, state and federal agencies are in the continuous process of developing, testing and implementing plans and procedures. We work to ensure we can respond to and provide recovery from the hazards that impact our community. Citizens have a responsibility, too. When disaster strikes, you take action to care for your families and loved ones.

History shows that in large-scale emergencies, first responders may not be able to reach everyone immediately. Every citizen can take measures to reduce the impact that emergencies have on our community.

  • Take time now to prepare your family’s emergency kit.
  • Practice escape and evacuation plans with your family. 
  • Place an All Hazards Weather radio in your home and pay attention to emergency alerts. 
  • Talk with your neighbors and employers about planning for disasters. 
  • Become familiar with your children’s school emergency procedures. 
  • Visit county, state and FEMA websites to gain knowledge and tips in developing your family plan.

My hope is that we would never have to implement our disaster response plans, but we have to be prepared. Taking simple steps to ensure your family is prepared is key to our community’s ability to recover from disastrous situations.

Stay safe,

Bobby Smith
Director, Cabarrus County Emergency Management

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