Employees recognized for 3,540 years of service to Cabarrus

recognition121912.jpgDec. 19, 2012 — There were 118 employees celebrated before their families and colleagues at the annual Cabarrus County Employee Recognition Ceremony on December 17. At the event, the Board of Commissioners, County Manager Mike Downs and Deputy Managers Pam Dubois and Jonathan Marshall paid tribute to employees who have served five, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. That adds up to 3,540 years of service to the citizens of Cabarrus County.

“Congratulations on completing milestone years of service with Cabarrus County,” Downs said. “Public service is not just a job it is a commitment to serve your community at a higher level. Our Board of Commissioners, county staff and our citizens are deeply indebted to you for your personal commitment and the valuable services you provide each and every day.”
Please join us in celebrating the work of our distinguished employees:


30 years of serviceStrong121812.jpg

Londa Strong – Strong began as an assistant athletic director for Cabarrus County in 1981. For Strong, working as a civil servant is rewarding. She creates opportunities for our community to play and enjoy the area. Her favorite memory of her time with the County is the day that Cabarrus signed a contract to purchase 190 acres in Midland for a park. When she began with the County, there were only 76,000 citizens and no county-owned/operated parks. Strong believes in her team of employees and stands behind their commitment to care for the citizens of Cabarrus County. More than anything, Strong recognizes the importance of listening to our citizens and she inspires each County employee to find and hold on to the fun in our work.


25 years of service

Archer121812.jpgAnnette Archer
– Archer began as an emergency medical technician for Cabarrus County in 1987 and became a civilian telecommunicator in 2007. She loves working with her crew and delivering appropriate help to the public when they need it most. Each day, Archer appreciates having the opporutnity to touch many lives in positive ways and establish long-lasting relationships with her colleagues in fire and law enforcement. More than 20 years ago, Archer met her husband, then a new deputy with the Sheriff’s department, through work. Together, they have a son. 
BeBollenbecker121812.jpgverly Bollenbecker – Bollenbecker came to Cabarrus County as the 4-H secretary and now works as the 4-H afterschool coordinator. In her role, she works with school sites and independent daycares to deliver messages about the 4-H program, which includes everything from dairy cows to sewing and food preservation to electricity. Bollenbecker is thorough and meticulous in her work and brings students new and innovative ideas that are hands-on. She is passionate for the students with whom she works and gives all of herself each time she meets with them. Above all, Bollenbecker is able to connect with people. Her caring heart and personable nature shine through in all she does.
Jimmy Clark – Clark began working in the squad patrol division of the Sheriff’s office in 1987 and is currently a community policing lieutenant. As a child, he knew many civil servants and grew up knowing that he wanted to be like them. As an officer, Clark finds reward in watching his team turn around serious situations by creating positive outcomes for everyone involved. He is proud of the work and professionalism of his department and appreciative of the support of his family, especially his wife, Robin.
Love121812.jpgAngela Love – Love began working for Cabarrus County right out of high school. She began as a summer worker at the Cannon Memorial Library and currently serves as a library assistant. As a child, Love wanted to be either a teacher or secretary, and she feels working in the library brings her the joy of both. She is focused on customer service and enjoys working with the public—especially story time and programs for children. Angela appreciates having the opportunity to learn something new each day through her work with the County.

Penninger121812.jpgMichael Penninger
– Penninger began working for Cabarrus County as an emergency medical technician and has grown to become a paramedic crew chief. He has a very difficult job, yet is able to carry through with thoughtfulness and attentiveness. Penninger always remains calm and proceeds as a professional. He is dedicated to his profession, his team and the public he serves. Over the years, Penninger has been involved in many aspects of the organization. Through it all, he has remained a dedicated role model for other employees. On the job, Penninger stands up for what he believes in, carefully weighs situations and always does what is right for the team.


20 years of service

Saundra Adcock, Emergency Management
Deborah Allen, Employment Programs - DSS
David Allred, Jail
Trish Baker, Income Maintenance - DSS
Ronnie Blackmon, Employment Programs - DSS
Debbie Brannan, Information Services
Rebecca Crabtree, Finance
Doug Deadmon, Sign Maintenance
Dennis Gray, County Sheriff
Linda Grist, Board of Elections
Kay Hahn, Register of Deeds
Laura Heggins, County Sheriff
Ruth Hinson, Income Maintenance - DSS
Susan Johnson, County Sheriff
William Kouri, Tax Administration
Christopher Love, Emergency Medical Services
Marlene Lowder, Tax Administration
Jay Lowe, Zoning Administration
Faye Morrow, Employment Programs - DSS
Marc Nesbitt, Jail
Jody Smith, County Sheriff
David Taylor, Animal Control
Jason Thomas, County Sheriff
Robert Wensil, County Sheriff
Kim Young, Child Support Services - DSS



15 years of service



Melissa Anderson, Emergency Medical Services
Susan Barbee, Income Maintenance - DSS
Eric Brown, County Sheriff
Marie Brown, Concord Library
Connie Canupp, Tax Administration
Debbie Farmer, Tax Collector
Robbie Foxx, Zoning Administration
Perry Gabriel, Active Living & Parks
Ted Lister, Jail
Amy Nance, Income Maintenance - DSS
Chad Sloop, County Sheriff
Scott St. John, Employment Programs - DSS
Terry Starnes, County Sheriff
Paulette Watson, Facility Services


10 years of service

Sherry Allman, County Sheriff
William Blakely, County Sheriff
Alisa Cline, Social Work Services - DSS
Ann Coffey, Emergency Medical Services
Darlene Elder, Facility Services
David Elliott, Property Maintenance
Shelley Farris, Finance
Dawn Fitz, Emergency Medical Services
Jenni Foxx, Finance
Marcus Hale, County Sheriff
Laura Hatley, Information Services
Brian Heintz, County Sheriff
Kelly Hinebaugh, Social Work Services - DSS
Brian Hopkins, County Sheriff
Monica Lewis, County Sheriff
Deshana Lott, Income Maintenance - DSS
Alesha Mason, County Sheriff
Travis McGhee, County Sheriff
Susan Neff, Social Work Services - DSS
Sylvia Newell, Veterans Services
Stacey Strickland, Social Work Services - DSS
James Torelli, County Sheriff
Dean Vernon, County Sheriff
Wesley Wallace, Jail


Five years of service

Zeb Alexander, Facility Services
Juanita Allen, Administration Operations - DSS
Sean Austin, Animal Control
Blake Basinger, Emergency Medical Services
Kyle Bilafer, General Services Admin
Jason Burnett, Emergency Management
Kelly Burrell, Emergency Medical Services
John Cafferty, Jail
Charles Cause, Jail
Robin Colyer, Emergency Medical Services
Kristie Davis, Emergency Medical Services
Melissa Deese, Emergency Medical Services
Jeffrey Dement, Jail
Brian Eggers, Jail
Crystal Faggart, Nutrition Title III
Jason Fetzer, County Sheriff
Maureen Finkelstein, Finance
Michael Freeze, Jail
Christopher Goenner, Emergency Medical Services
Jennifer Goral, Emergency Medical Services
Kanesha Hall, Income Maintenance - DSS
Anthony Haynie, Jail
Konnie Hendricks, Social Work Services - DSS
Michael Hess, Emergency Medical Services
Lori Hinson, Veterans Services
Tonya Honeycutt, Emergency Medical Services
Colleen Hunt, Transportation - Human Services
Larry Hunter II, Jail
Jeffrey Huss, Child Support Services - DSS
Tony Knox, Facility Services
Holly Krause, Income Maintenance - DSS
Amanda Levett, County Sheriff
Justin Lewis, County Sheriff
Diana Martin, Income Maintenance - DSS
Robert McNealey II, Income Maintenance - DSS
Eric Mechum, Child Support Services - DSS
Ershala Morrison, Jail
Lysa Nistico, County Sheriff
Teresa Rogers, Income Maintenance - DSS
Michael Shanahan, County Sheriff
Denise Simerly, Income Maintenance - DSS
Andrew Thousand, County Sheriff
David Thrift, Tax Administration
Anita Tucker, Finance
Ellen Vanderburg, Register of Deeds
Ryan Ward, Information Services
Charles Williams, Board of Elections
Sharon Wingler, Jail
Rebecca Wright, Transportation - Human Services