Cabarrus receives two 2014 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties

​Information Technology Services (ITS) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) recognized for their innovative programs

July 1, 2014 — The National Association of Counties (NACo) recently granted Cabarrus County two 2014 Achievement Awards. The Information Technology Services department for its program, “County Collaborative Technology Services with Local Education Agencies (LEAs)” in the category of Information Technology and Emergency Medical Services for “Cardiac Arrest Survival Enhancement-Pit Crew CPR” in the category of Health.
The Collaborative Technology Services project began in 2011, when a team of financial and technology representatives from Cabarrus County Government, Cabarrus County Schools and Kannapolis City Schools began meeting to collaborate on technology strategies and resource allocation. An interlocal agreement was implemented and with $115,300 in funding, the technology staff of all three agencies worked together to make the changes required to facilitate the sharing of infrastructure and co-locate in shared data centers.
Collaborative technology services with Cabarrus County Government allow the LEAs to realize the benefits of full featured technology services. Collaboration of personnel with technical expertise and sharing of infrastructure permit the County and schools to efficiently employ the technology services required by our citizens, staff and students.
The collaboration leads to increases in LEA IT reliability, including improved disaster recovery, secondary Internet connections, reliable servers, data backup replication and a secured server infrastructure. It also increases LEA efficiencies, including reduction in redundant costs, energy savings, shared computing platforms and technologies, and a strategic business alignment of technology infrastructure between the LEAs, County and State.
The Cardiac Arrest Survival Enhancement-Pit Crew CPR program also began in 2011. Using the latest science, technology and data, a team of field-level personnel from Cabarrus County EMS rewrote the protocol for caring for citizens suffering a cardiac arrest.
The Pit Crew Approach gives every fire fighter, EMT and Paramedic an assigned role upon arriving on the scene of a cardiac arrest, helping to lessen the confusion and chaos of an already chaotic event.  These assigned roles allow for each responder to focus on their specific task, much like that of each member of a pit crew team for a NASCAR race. 
The approach also focuses on early response and care, including early activation of 9-1-1, early CPR, early defibrillation, early advanced life support and early access to definitive care.
To make this happen and create positive patient outcomes, the team devoted thousands of hours of community CPR training to teach citizens the importance and simplicity of bystander CPR and AED usage; constantly and openly communicated with and received feedback from CMC-NorthEast and County first responder departments about patient care, treatment techniques and management of cardiac arrest patients; incorporated Q-CPR devices to give field crews instant feedback during the cardiac arrest and full event review ability during debriefings; and focused on in-house chart review and audit of all cardiac arrest calls.
Since the program’s inception, eight out of every 10 citizens who suffer a cardiac arrest have a pulse restored by the Paramedics and EMTs of Cabarrus County EMS and the rate of survival has nearly doubled to 38%. 
The NACo annual Achievement Award Program is a non-competitive awards program that recognizes innovative county government programs. Each application is judged on its own merits and not against other applications received. Awards are given in 21 different categories including children and youth, criminal justice, county administration, environmental protection, information technology, health, and many more.