40,000 ton solution

Cabarrus adds compost facility


Feb. 4, 2014 -- Cabarrus County’s new compost facility will grow to receive 15,000 tons of food and 25,000 tons of yard waste over the next several years. The nine-year agreement between the County and Agromatters, LLC, to operate the County’s first compost facility on a 15 acre facility at the Cabarrus Construction and Demolition Landfill.
In November, Cabarrus received a Large Type 1 compost operating permit, which includes yard and garden waste, silvicultural waste and untreated/unpainted wood waste. The County has also submitted a request for a Type 3 Compost Operating Permit.Compost22-4-14.jpg
“Once acquired, the Type 3 permit will allow us to receive food waste from businesses, institutions and residents,” said Cabarrus Sustainability Manager Kevin Grant. “This will be a great opportunity to divert this type of waste from our landfills and actually produce a beneficial soil amendment from this type of waste.”

During the next year, Grant and his team hope to work with local municipalities that interested in joining the movement and use the facility to help educate students in local school districts about the scientific and environmental benefits of having a compost facility in Cabarrus County.

Stay tuned for more information on the facility as it develops. For more information about compost and recycling in Cabarrus County, call 704-920-3278.